We are an independent studio formed in 2014 and based in the UK.

Our Goal is to make games that put smiles on people’s faces…

We also believe games are better when played with friends.

These beliefs underpin everything we do at Three Fields Entertainment.

Our first game, Dangerous Golf, launched in June 2016. Our second, Lethal VR launched in November 2016. We will soon be releasing our third game.

If you buy and play our games … thank you .. and we hope you have fun. We are supported 100% by our players, no corporate or VC safety nets here.

If you experience any problems at all please tell us – so we can have a go at fixing whatever problem it is you’re having. You can find out how to contact us here. We are a team that loves to listen to our players and we strive to do better every day.

Of course if you love what we do then feel free to gush about our games to all your friends…. you can also follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting the site.